Take Care of Yourself!

By Shane Leonard on Jun 20, 2014

I’ve worked for large Wall Street firms since 1996. So I’m pretty immune to the outrage of friends when a bank is fined a few billions dollars. Face up to it. Money just doesn’t have morals.

The people who look after our stock portfolios make money from trades. They love holding onto our money, regardless of what they do with it. Bad deal, good deal, they get their large pay cheque.

Many of us give up, some look for low cost alternatives to the expensive pension funds. Others decide to do it themselves. Bravo!

But how do you manage your portfolio yourself? Where is there good information, clear advice? You can get a share price or a news story on the web. You can watch endless commentators disagree about any stock. But how do you decide what to buy? How do you decide when to sell?

That’s what we are launching at Stockflare. A service that helps you make those decisions. You’ll know instantly if you want to buy a stock. And you’ll know if you want to sell one.

Leave us your email address and get ready to discover great companies. And feel confidence that taking care of yourself, is very rewarding.

Please drop me a message @shaneleonard121 or the full team @stockflare.

Shane Leonard

Managing Director