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By David Kelley on Nov 3, 2014

We’re starting to report regularly on changes and new features for our website.

New Price Graph

Today we released a major update to our website, version 0.8.20. We’ve introduced new graphs, enabling one week as well as one and three month views.

Also, you can now easily see how the profitability and the price for a stock has changed over different periods, to help you make even better decisions.

New Price Change Information

We’ve introduced an alerts section. Users who have a watchlist can see what critical events have occurred to their favourite stocks. These include: major price moves, elevated volumes, material changes in target prices, recommendation changes, and when a stock becomes a 5 star stock, or loses the rating.

Finally, you’ll see major speed improvements and various bug fixes throughout the website, we’ve documented some of the other changes we’ve made below.


  • We heard you like graphs? We’ve now implemented 1 Week, 1 Month and 3 Month week-by-week charts.
  • We’ve re-worked the inner stock pages so that they now look shinier and more like the rest of the website.
  • Speed? Speed is good. The application now caches stocks that you browse, meaning you never have to wait for subsequent page loads.