30k+ users: full speed ahead

By Shane Leonard on Jan 8, 2015

It’s been an exciting 2014, with Stockflare launching at the end of September, and hitting a monthly user figure of over 32,000 users in December.

Here’s what the last 3 months looked like. These are the user figures for each month. With nice reviews at ProductHunt, DesignerNews, Awwwards and especially at LifeHacker helping us reach lots of new users.

User numbers

Better still, if we look at the underlying statistics, in terms of sessions and pageviews we are really happy that:

  • Sessions are growing faster than users
  • Page views per session is growing
  • Time of the site is growing
  • And the bounce rate has declined dramatically

Usage Stats

The amazing cut in the bounce rate, is entirely driven by our new landing page. Please check it out and let us know what you think.

Landing Page

Aside: and if you are wondering what “Users (Without C Language)” means, that’s went we exclude bots and crawlers from the statistics. We only care to help humans pick stocks, not computers even if they are algo-traders!

Thanks again to everyone who’s using Stockflare. Many of you sent feedback to us. We’ve added a lot of requests to our task list. We are planning lots of improvements. We really appreciate your help.

We hope that 2015 will be a great year, personal and investing, for us all.

Please drop me a message @shaneleonard121 or message our full team @stockflare if you need any help.

Shane Leonard, CFA