Can Investing Be Fun?

By David Kelley on Feb 24, 2015

To the average Joe like me, the world of stock trading is an impenetrable, complex minefield. Filled with countless statistics, mind-boggling ratios and deafening noise. Then of course, there comes a time when you actually need to open a brokerage account to trade with (good luck). Welcome to the world of unnecessary confusion, hefty fees and commissions.

Trading doesn’t exactly look like a trip to Disneyland, right? Perhaps that’s why many people choose ISAs and Robo-Advisors.

So lets imagine for a moment. Remove all the crap, all the mind-boggling charts & data, CFDs, Futures and the FX Market (lord have mercy). Let’s reduce stock trading to its most basic form; what do you end up with? Stocks, that have an ever-changing value, where the goal is very simple: Buy low, sell higher. If you’re still with me, perhaps we’re on to something.

Remember high school? You old fogie.

Remember trading playing cards back in high school with your friends? Fun, right? Perhaps you traded your cola for a David Beckham card, and sold it for a muffin. The value of Beckham’s card changed. You traded low and sold higher.

So now you’re all grown up, you’ve gotten too fat to be interested in muffins anymore. But with age comes wisdom, for some of us at least. You’ve figured out that it would be nice to actually have money when you retire, or to send those little rascals off to college. You’re so clever! Let’s re-visit the playing cards again, and instead of trading over lunch, you’re investing over several years.

“Slowly, slowly catchee monkey” as the old colonial was told by the wise local.

Surely that would be fun, right? To buy a playing card at a lower price, and sell it on several years later for a much higher price. We’re all adults here, money is so good, more must be better.

Nobody likes rotten Bananas.

Right, we’ve established that trading could be fun. But how to pick? How do you know David Beckham is any good in the first place? If you picked wrong back in high school, you could have traded your cola away, only to get a rotten banana in return!

Stats of course. Playing cards had stats - the better the stats, the better the card. Stocks have “stats” too, but unlike the playing cards, they make my brain hurt trying to figure them out. What if stocks could have easy-to-understand stats like the playing cards?

Boom. Check out Apple, or how about Microsoft, even Netflix. Stockflare takes data from Thomson Reuters (they’re super important); performs all of the analysis the professionals do, with some helpful analyses of our own, then break it down for you. So anyone, even my gramps could understand what he’s looking at … you know, if he owned a computer.

Isn’t it pretty?

No bullshit noise, no head-cracking charts or impenetrable information. So investing could be fun, if we can easily understand stocks too.

So now, I know David Beckham is a good card, I’ve eagerly traded him for my cola like an excited princess, and I’m waiting to trade up for that Aston Martin. What if Beckham decides to pursue a career in the ballet while I own him? Aside from that being bloody hilarious, his value would surely decrease.

Wouldn’t it be nice to quickly see how your stocks are doing? Well get out of that corner and set up a Watchlist, baby. You watch a stock and Stockflare will provide an at-a-glance look at how its performing, so you’re more likely to end up with the Aston Martin than the rotten banana.

I don’t like playing cards, I just want to dance.

Of course, let’s not forget here, you didn’t have to trade cards with your school friends. When it comes to investing, you can always save with a mutual fund or robo-advisor. But you’ll find when it comes to cashing in, all you an afford is a Prius with a custom paint job.

I don’t know about you, but I’d prefer to spend a little time armed with the right information and tools, making the best decisions myself, trading up, with the best set of playing cards (Go Charizard! Damn, I used a football analogy).

Danger Will Robinson! Danger!

Investing takes more effort than letting some dumb-robot do it for you; plus, your friends never did pick the best cards when you let them trade for you. It’s clear that trading can be fun, there will always be trades that you win and some that you lose. The key is to be armed with the right information and tools, so that you can make the right investment.

This is our mission at Stockflare, to arm you and me, the common Joe, with tools the professionals envy, for free.

So visit Stockflare, find some great stocks today, watch them, and see what happens - earn those bragging rights. Let’s make investing obvious to everyone.

Drop me a message @davidkelley87 if you’d like to trade playing cards, or need some help.

David Kelley @ Stockflare