Time To Celebrate

By Shane Leonard on Sep 16, 2014

Imagine turning $100,000 into $800 million.

Shelby Davis did that with a simple strategy: buy growth, and; buy it cheap. It took him from 1947 until 1994, but he did it all the same.

He did it by investing in stocks. No fancy mergers or acquisitions. No controlling stakes in companies. Then his children did the same. Now his grandchildren are too, with the Davis Funds managing $20+ billion of investor money.

Regardless of your favourite investing billionaire, be they Buffett, Icahn, Soros, or even Shelby Davis, they all follow some simple rules.

At Stockflare, we try to condense the myriad of rules into a simple metric: is a stock a 5-star stock or not. Any stock that is Cheap, Grows Fast, is Liked by the Professionals, Profitable, and Paying Dividends gets 5 stars from Stockflare.

We buy our data from the leading financial data company in the world, Thomson Reuters. Then we run our analysis on the numbers, and deliver it to you. 5 star ratings is just one of the ways we simplify the world of investing.

All the detail behind our analysis is there too, so you can check the figures for yourself. All the key facts and forecasts for any stock are yours.

Investing just got easier.

The question now, is what will you do? Are you able to beat Shelby’s record?

Please drop me a message @shaneleonard121 or message our full team @stockflare.

Shane Leonard

Managing Director